Consulting & Advisory

Our Focus  is to help our customer to Strategise, Plan, Implement and continuously improve Business Processes to align ICT towards business goals.

Our consulting services include the following:


  • Designing ICT strategies, project road maps and plans.
  • Developing criteria and methodologies for shortlisting and pre-qualifying solutions & suppliers.
  • Designing Request for Proposals (RFP), Terms of Reference (TOR), Requirements, Specifications and Bills of Quantities.
  • Providing services to assist the technical and financial bidding process, methods, evaluation criteria and documentation supporting the processes. .
  • Advising and assisting in contract finalization, contracts and agreements.
  • Carrying out independent reviews and appraisals of technical and financial evaluations and assisting the evaluation process.
  • Conducting Business Process Engineering (BPR), and Business Process Mapping (BMP) with a specialized focus on systems that require to be conceptualised and designed for a transition to ICT enablement and continous process improvements.


  • Carrying out Systems Analysis, Studies and Audits including IT infrastructure Audit for assesment of Compliance and Governance in line best practices.
  • Designing and documentation overall IT business Architecture Operational Procedure & Processes, Data Acquisition & Transcation Management methods Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Rules of Business (ROBs).
  • Carrying out Business System Conceptualization followed by Systems Architeching for integration of Specialized Point Solutions and Technology Product with core business Software solutions.
  • Conducting Study and Assesment of existing Legal and Regulatory environements in terms of impacts, gaps and requirements for ICT enabled business scenarios.
  • Conducting Analysis and Assesments of Infrastructure and Human Resource capacity for evaluating current capacity, gaps and future requirements, especially in business transition to IT-Enabled scenario.
  • Assisting organisations in Designing or Re-aligning Organizational Structures and defining Role, Responsibility and Functional job descriptions followed by assisting in selection of human resources in restructured organizations.