Data Management & Archival

We Help  manage data and relieve our client from the distraction of a time consuming activity

We take over the responsibility for managing and migrating data from both manual records and legacy computerised systems . This relieves our client of a major and time-consuming activity, especially when implementing new software and ERP solutions. It also enables the client to focus on the implementation of new systems without having to cope with the additional burden of migrating large volumes of startup and historic data . Our involvement in this area extends to logistics management, physical collection and verification of source data, entry or migration from legacy systems, reconciliation, and validation.

Collated and finally compiled data enables our client to have a clean and reconciled start-up point. During this time the client is able to manage current data and get fully familarised with the new systems.  

Our role in this area has entailed evolving situation specific methodologies, data entry interfaces, bridges for migrating and transferring data to the new databases. Where required, we continue to support the client, especially in coping with peaks generally associated with year-end collection, entry, management and reconciliation of year end positions.

 Scanning & Archiving 

Scanning and Archival of paper based records has been an area of special focus for EGS since several years. We have helped a number of clients in carrying out a well planned and methodical scanning and archiving assignment.

With increased emphasis by organisations to digitise important documents and reduce costly storage space required for storing physical documents under, our services include:

  • Preparing documents for scanning, including pouching fragile and important documents.  
  • Scanning and Archiving documents including integration between digital assets and information systems of the organisation
  • Hermetic Sealing of important documents which require to be physically protected and retained under the various Regulatory and Legal requirements.
  • Transporting documents for warehousing in climate controlled and safe arrangements.