Customized Software Applications

We specialise in understanding diverse business domains and the key drivers of our Clients business, providing bespoke solutions and productivity tools.

Our specialisation is understanding business domains and gaining an in-depth knowledge of the key drivers of our client’s business.

We have developed and implemented solutions for Government, Non-Government, Corporate and SME sector clients.

We have knowledge and extensive work experience of diverse sectors and business domains, including:

  •   Education Sector, Campus Management & Administration
  •   Health Sector & Hospital Management Solutions
  •   Financial ERP, Accounting, Supply Chain & Human Resources Management
  •   Registration & Licensing Systems
  •   Donors & NGOs – Project lifecycle, Funds Accounting & Management Systems
  •   Scanning, Archiving & Data Management Solutions
  •   Point of Sale, Warehousing, Packaging, Retailing Solutions
  •   Hospitality Industry & Hotel Management Systems & Solutions
  •   Road Transport, fleet operations & Vehicle Management Solutions,
  •   Mobile Applications and web based Productivity solutions

Our involvement projects covers the complete project cycle, starting from understanding and documenting existing systems, realigning or reengineering systems and processes, developing requirement and functional specifications, implementing and providing extended support services.

Our expertise includes business process re-engineering, realigning organisational and operational structures for designing workflow, process management, operational and regulatory frameworks.

Custom designed Web Solution & Mobile Applications.

Our Web based software solutions have an increasing focus on concepts and solutions that harness technology convergence and address customer centric information requirements supporting "on the move" remote data acquisition, access and business intelligent and meaningful information.

With our continuing focus on conceptualizing, designing, developing and implementing information systems, data bases and applications that are government and citizen centric and enable efficient data acquisition and information dissemination, a separate entity Eva mp & Saanga (E&S), an EGS associated organization, formed in 2001, manages specialised Mobile Applications & Value Added Services.

E&S has attained international recognition and won awards for its social-inclusiveness solutions and are one of the leading developers of Web, Mobile and Telecom related applications and solutions in Pakistan.

EGS continues to focus on innovating and developing applications in this mobile apps.